What is Blingby?

Blingby (pronounced “bling-buy”) is an entertainment platform that aims to empower you with the ability to connect and live the experiences inspired by your favorite videos.

Blingby offers subscribers the ability to find & stream their favorite music video directly from YouTube to their computer or mobile device using YouTube's approved embedded media player.

While the music video is playing, Blingby’s proprietary ‘BBStream’ offers a synchronized feed of products, travel opportunities & activities inspired by the video. These include, but not limited to: Music, Clothing, Accessories & Event Tickets offered by affiliates such as Amazon, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, BookingBuddy & SeatGeek.

Blingby's content appeals to a variety of age, income & geographic groups.

The choice of music video or artist is entirely up to our subscriber. While we promote an interpreted experience inspired by the video, we also encourage subscribers to seek their own unique & individual experience.

Blingby's platform is architected for scalability & global reach & is made available on the web, iOS & Android.


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